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thin provisioning?

Michele Azimonti


hello all,

a question regarding thin provisioning. small home lab, hypervisor 8.2 connected to a LUN on the nas.

the Lun has been created to allow for thin provisioning, and when connected I formatted it as GFS2 to thin provision.

I install a VM, there is no option to use or not thin provision: the VM only occupies the effective space, e.g. 10gb out of a 30gb hd. so far so good.

I exported the VM, imported it again and... it occupies the full 30gb on the storage. I can't find a way to shrink or reduce its size. any idea?



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Are you running 8.2 LTSR, which is needed to support GFS2 properly? Did you follow all the guidelines here?: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hypervisor/storage/gfs2.html\

As to the import issue, I assume you deleted the initial VM before importing it again? What['s the OS of the VM and in what format (XVA, etc.) was it in before you imported it? The VM you imported booted up OK I take it? Also, did you try doing an SR scan on the SR to see if that makes any difference?


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