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Keep "screen" alive when disconnecting from VDI

Andreas Koch1709163466


Please excuse me if my question is not in the right place or does not make sense at all, as a mere user I´m missing the technical background of our companies Citrix installation...


I use a Citrix VDI mainly for automating tasks. For some time I use ImageSearch within AutoIt to accomplish RPA-like features. Everything works fine as long as I´m logged in to the VDI and it´s running in a window, but as soon as I disconnect, images aren´t recognized any more. Using time-shifted screenshots I can confirm that the VDI shows the lockscreen first and shortly after only "displays" a grey background with only the mouse pointer still visible.

As far as I know, colleagues of mine use a VDI to automate UIPath-jobs that work well, even when not connected to the VDI.


As I couldn´t get any answer from our technical department, could anyone give me a hint whether this is behaviour by design, if it can be configured somehow (by me or the technical department) or if there are any other solutions for this problem? I even thought about running a VDI within a VDI, so i can disonnect from the hosting VDI without it disconnecting from the VDI it is hosting (and that runs the image recognition jobs).


I would be very grateful for any advice on how to solve this problem.


Kind regards


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