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Error 'Operation not permitted' when switching to the admin partition.

Fe Land

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In ADC and 27.59, 'Operation not permitted' occurs when going to the admin partition.
After that, the selected admin partition becomes available.
There is no such error in
I suspect this is a release bug. Does anyone know the cause of the error or a workaround?

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Look in your syslog to see which command is being denied and then you can see if you can adjust the rights.

Often times there is a show command on a specific object that is usually denied.


Example: read-only admin (regular) can't retrieve the current session list so it generates an error when signing into the regular gui.


To review the syslog:


cd /var/log

tail -f ns.log | grep CMD_EXEC


Look for DENY messages and see if there is a specific object or command failing to load when you first switch to a partition, then we can see what rights to adjust.

Also confirm which rights your partition admin account is using? If it is a full admin/superuser already, then a bug is even more likely.

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The problem occurs equally under the admin account with superuser rights in any admin partition and under nsroot.
In the log I see repeating when switching to any admin partition:
Command "show system file adc.version -fileLocation "/var/nsinstall/"" - Status "ERROR: User doesn't have permission for given Destination path."
Command "show ssl fips" - Status "ERROR: Operation not permitted - Either FIPS card not present or not initialized, check SVM/Dom0."
Based on the question https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/393849-no-fips-card-present-in-the-system/
probably, need to wait for a new fix.
Thank you so much!

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