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Logoff hangs after upgrade from Receiver to Workspace

Juumlrgen Verhoeven




We are migrating a customer from an on premise Citrix to Citrix Cloud. In the on prem environment the customer still used receiver 4.2 on Windows 10. We've removed receiver using the cleanup utility and installed Workspace 2207. During logoff of a user session we get a black screen. In Citrix cloud dashboard the session stays on the status "Logging Off" and the sessions remains active on the server. We can only fix this, by logging of this session in the dashboard.

When we test this on the same client device, with a new Windows user profile, everything works fine. So it has something to do with the old Receiver configuration that is left behind after the removal. We've already tried several ways to cleanup the leftovers (using cleanuputility, manually remove files), but problem isn't fixed yet.


Also when using the webbrowser everything works fine.




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