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DaaS REST APIs, Service Unavailable

Tim Walsh


We are testing the REST APIs for DaaS and have a couple of concerns:


1.  On some queries, we have to set the limit down to as low as 50 to avoid "Service Unavailable" errors, which means we then end up with bad data.  Anything above 50 and most likely will get at least one failure

2. It is excruciatingly slow.  Querying active sessions for example, takes 30 minutes in batches of 50 to return 6,300 sessions.  Using the Cloud API thru native powershell takes 9 seconds in one command to return all 6,300.  An individual query for 50 records can take anywhere from 8 seconds to almost 30.


These are pretty basic commands from PS, ie  Invoke-RestMethod  -uri https://api-us.cloud.com/cvad/manage/Sessions -Method GET  -Headers $headers.  Adding '?limit=50' to the URI allows it work consistently.


Are we missing anything, or is this the nature of it for now.  


Thanks in advance

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