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PVS Target Device install fails (rolling back)


We're starting our upgrade from 7.15 CU6 to 1912 CU5 for PVS.


I reversed our image, it's on the Hard Disk now.


I uninstalled in the following order:

PVS Agent, VDA, XenTools, then installed in the following order: XenTools, VDA and attempt PVS Target Device install and it gets halfway before rolling back with no error message. Just says install has been interrupted, nothing has been changed.


It's maddening because I'm sure it's some stupid regkey that isn't pulling correctly. I should also mention that I'm rebooting after each uninstall and install of each component. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't even know where a log is that explains why it's failing.





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Hi Ken,

I am facing the same issue recently. Did you get a solution to your problem, or a workaround?

The PVS installation log (pvssetup) should be saved in Appdata\Local\Temp, but in my case I did not find any clue there, why the installation is rolled back.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much,


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