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Workspace for Windows scaling issue with 3440x1440 monitor and high DPI enabled

Jim Bob1709163548


I recently installed Workspace for Windows 2206 and have since had scaling issues. I've rolled back to 1912 for the time being but would like to fix the problem.


My Windows 11 configuration is two monitors - one 3440x1440 external display and one 1920x1080 internal display. The scaling on the 3440x1440 display is set to 150%. I only use the virtual desktop on the 3440x1440 external monitor.


When I load Citrix, the virtual desktop appears on my monitor with scaling of maybe 300% and is unusable. Disabling high DPI returns the virtual desktop to 150% scaling, matching my system configuration, but the desktop appears fuzzy.


I have tried reducing my Windows scaling to 100%, but this does not fix the issue.


Is there some way to reduce the additional scaling Citrix adds to the virtual desktop (the display scaling option is not available in settings within the virtual desktop)? Or alternatively, is there a way to force Citrix to adopt Windows scaling and resolution so that the fuzzyness is removed?


Thanks in advance for your help, and let me know if you need any further details.



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