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cross domain cookie with saml

Or Shellyy

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I need some help i configure SAML for my company and is work perfectly, but i have a problem after this with my "IFRAME" .

the domain of the IFRAME is: "xxxx.xxx.com" and of the web is :" SharePoint.zzz.com".

I see on the intent the problem is the cross domain cookie

in the start i get error of "x-frame-options sameorigin", so I make Rewrite action and policy that remove it 

action: type DELETE_HTTP_HEADER , Header Name X-Frame-Options and Policy: HTTP.RES.HEADER("X-Frame-Options").EXISTS

but after this i get error on the IFRAME : "cookies disabled please enable cookies in your browser before using this version of Citrix receiver "

is there is any way to make the cookie NSC_TMAS to cross domain ?  

is have citrix netscaler 12.1

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