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Server or VDI on Citrix Cloud , Wrong IP address and DNS

Gilles Saindon


We have two issues that we are trying to pin down what might be the cause, and we would like to see if on your side if this means anything to you.


The first is at the level of Windows Server VMs that are used for Citrix Published Apps. When the master VM is closed and a VM from Citrix is restarted, it retrieves the reserved IP of the Master even if its MAC is different. Our workaround is to ensure that the master VM is open when a citrix VM is restarted, but we still wanted to see if this is something you've seen before and there is something to do in Citrix or Nutanix to avoid the problem.


The second is for Windows 10 VMs. Frequently when the Master VM is restarted, even if it has a reserved IP, a DNS entry is created with an IP from the DHCP Pool, even if ultimately, when connecting with the Web Console, it does have the reserved IP it must have. Our current workaround when we don't have time for the DNS to revert and validate is to simply delete the bad DNS entry and force the VM to re-register.


The second problem does not seem to be related to the first since there does not seem to be any correlation with the VMs used by citrix.

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