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Bug Report: Windows keyboard shortcuts using Alt + letter not working Citrix Workspace for Mac 2206

axiom netting


Alt + letter (example: Alt + K) combos not being handled correctly


Reproduction steps:

  1. Connect to a remote Windows machine using Citrix Workspace/Receiver for Mac OS.
  2. On the Windows desktop, create a shortcut file for any document or application.
  3. Right click on the shortcut file then select Properties from the context menu
  4. In the Shortcut Key field try to enter Alt + K (or any other Alt + letter) using the combination set Citrix Workspace/Receiver for sending the Alt key
  5. Note that the combination detected is Ctrl + Alt, NOT Alt + K as expected




Examples of other applications where Alt + letter combo doesn't work:

  • Using the existing Alt + A keyboard shortcut in Zoom to mute/unmute self during a meeting;
  • Trying to assign Alt + W to the Close Editor Tab in the IntelliJ Idea application.



Question / Feature request:

Why isn't it possible to send the Alt key in Windows using the Option button from Mac computers ?

It would be a lot more intuitive for users to map Option in Mac to Alt in Windows and Control or Command in Mac to Control in Windws



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