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Desktop viewer in Citrix for Windows version 2207

Adam Masters


How can I display the desktop viewer in Citrix for windows (x86) version 2207? I have recently re-installed Citrix, and while it previously displayed in every session it now does not appear. I use mulitple monitors and I need to quickly move between displays and have the Citrix workspace properly sized when I move between desktops.


There is no WebInterface.conf file to add the ShowDesktopView=On setting. I have searched for the WebInterface file, and for the the text string "ShowDesktopView" through all the application folders, yet no file is displayed


I have edited the All_Regions file to set the ConnnectionBar=1 setting, however this does not seem to solve the problem.


Please provide an answer in the most end-user friendly format. I am not an IT admin and I don't have any control over the server settings.

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