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NetScaler Policy Responder TLS

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Good Morning,

I have a virtual Server with associated a service group with two server: srv1 with TLS1.0 and srv2 with TLS1.2, and I can receive call to the virtual server from IP-A and IP-B.

I need to write a responder policy (if possible) that when I receive call from IP-A it's  redirect to srv1 with TLS1.0 and when I receive a call from IP-B i will redirect to srv2 with TLS1.2


Call from:

IP-A   -> vs lb_test1 -> svg_test1 -> redirect to srv1 (TLS1.0)

IP-B   -> vs lb_test1 -> svg_test1 -> redirect to srv2 (TLS1.2)



thank you in advance

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Also, if you're trying to get the traffic to the specific servers (backend), then Responder/redirects are not what you should use.

A redirect sends a response to the CLIENT about the NEW DESTINATION and so the client must be able to reach what I interpret is your backend server "srv1" or "srv2".


If you are trying to change which destination you hit and override load balancing, then content switching is preferred.  Your separate servers/services by definition have to be in seperate service groups or bound tot he lb vserver behind the cs vserver directly.


Clarify what result you want to achieve. But more than likely CArl's request for content switching might be only way AND your cs vserver still has to support both protocol/types inbound.

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