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VDA Installer options. Please clarify the following:

Allen Smith


"Is this VDA installed on a VM in a cloud: This setting helps Citrix ensure optimal resource allocation for on-premises and service (Citrix Cloud) VDA deployments. Enable this setting if your deployment uses Citrix DaaS (Default = disabled)" ... "

so does it apply to any customers (to enable it) brokering via  DaaS regardless of VDA location or only DaaS customers with cloud hosted VDAs ? Very confusing.
Wish product doc would give clear examples of when to use enabled vs enabled. This customer is all on prem except they have VDAs in Azure.

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First it ask if you if you have VDAs in a cloud without saying if that would mean you leave it disabled or if you should enable it. Then it says that if using DaaS, you should enable it.
What if you are not using DaaS but your VDAs are say, in Azure. What does that setting even do rather enabled or disabled ?

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