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Shared control on Linux Endpoints

Ben Schrempp


Trying to get to the bottom of shared control.  With CVAD 2112 (Non-Persistent Server 2016 VDA's) and current versions of CWA this works fine on Windows endpoints.  But it's a no-go on our Dell 5070 thin clients, running the latest release of ThinOS and CWA from Dell.  Visually the prompts to request / grant control during a screen share are there, but nothing happens when you try to use them if the sharing is happening in a session where a thin client is the endpoint.  Teams 1.5.0011865 was installed with the .msi and the ALLUSER=1 and ALLUSERS=1 flags.  


 The last thing I see in Citrix docs are in the 2112 release notes for CWA for linux, which state it was added as a feature in CWA, but waiting on a feature rollout from MS.  Same as the equivalent releases for Mac and Windows. But MS's Teams Roadmap says it's fully rolled out now.  And looking at CTX253754, it notes that Shared control went GA back in May, but also only notes requirements for Mac and Windows; nothing about Linux.

I opened a case with Dell and they said that 'MS doesn't support this yet on linux endpoints'.  But I can't really find any clear documentation of that.  Trying to test on a native linux VM (thus eliminating Dell /  thin client variables) but can't get optimization working at all on it for some reason, some sort of library dependency issue I think.  Anyone have any solid info on this?  Or if it works for you on a linux endpoint of any sort?

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Give/Take Control is a composite feature.

User A can start sharing his screen and GIVE control to user B. User B would then be TAKING control (or rather he would REQUEST the control and User A sharing his screen would GRANT it).

So there are two sides to the story.

The problem is that in order to GIVE control, there is a Microsoft limitation for Linux, and the feature is only available for Windows and Mac at the moment.

Therefore Linux users can only REQUEST or TAKE control from another user (who obviously cannot be another Linux optimized user).

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