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Persistent VM Pool with two assigned VMs



we have a dedicated persistent VM pool with static assigned VM's. The desktop name is "Persistent Desktop". 

Some users have two persistent desktops assigned. The problem is, that the name is "Persistent Desktop (1)" and "Persistent Desktop (2)"


The same behavior is also for Remote PC, if a user has two remote pcs assigned. 

How is it possible to show the original client / desktop name to the user who starts a desktop?

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29 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Have you tried this?


Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop MyMachine -PublishedName MyDisplayName


thanks a lot. If no PublishedName is defined the Name is coming from the DeliveryGroup name. 


One further question, why have some desktops a PublishedName set and why some not? In our it, nobody changed the publishedname in the past.

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