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Failed to use Citrix Workspace APP after update Citrix ADC to 13.0 86.17

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I recently upgraded from version 13.0 82.45 to version 13.0 86.17, due to the latest CVE. But after the update, some users had errors when using workspace app, I had two error scenarios:

- Your Account cannot be added using this server address

- Users can add Gateway URL but application profile and name appear from another user

Session policy expression for the app workspace looks like this:

If I access via Browser I don't have this same behavior, sessions occur normally.

Tested Workspace APP Versions: 2203 LTSR
1912 LTSR

User authentication is via SAML using Azure MFA

Do you have any idea?

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On 8/2/2022 at 4:49 AM, Julian Jakob said:

It sounds like another issue - but maybe it's related to a known issue in 86.17 regarding the usage of native workspace app.

Try setting "Client Timeout" to 720 minutes in the "Client Experience" tab for your session profile for your workspace app.

Julian - where is this known issue documented?  I'm not seeing it in the release notes as a known issue  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/downloads/release-notes-13-0-86-17.html.  We have encountered this issue a handful of times, its inconsistent.  Citrix fix was to check the Override Global check box for Session Time-out which by default is 30, just check it not change the minutes.  This has worked, however, why?


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