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Citrix apps launching issue

Amin Eideh


Greetings Gents,


i have a problem where after launching apps, loading stops at negotiating capabilities  and then the launcher disappears.

however for desktops everything is working fine and launching normally.


Note that Desktop VDA's and Apps VDA's are in the same subnet.


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I am also seeing this on a machine catalog with Server 2019, VDA 1912 LTSR, and the recent July 'patch Tuesday' updates installed from Microsoft.  How does that compare with your configuration?


If you repeatedly launch the apps, they do eventually come up - but it's a bit concerning.  It does show up in the User Connection Failures in Monitor, so at least it's being logged.   Other catalogs launch their apps and desktops just fine.

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Same on our VDAs:

- upgraded delivery controller to 2206: no problem

- upgraded VDA to 2206 with Workspace App 2206, MS Patch July KB5015827 + Preview KB5015879 (also Edge to V103.0.1264.62): problems began

1. no connection possible, connection was brokered to VDA then event 1030 ..ConnectionFailure, no process of the user session starts

2. session starts but with gray screen, on VDA i see all process are running except ctxgfx.exe (Citrix Graphic Engine)

both problems appear more often on standalone VDAs then on MCS VDAs, but that is subjective


i restored VDAs from backup and update only the applications without VDA2206 and without Workspace App 2206 but with MS Patch from July and with Preview Upd.

-> at the moment all sessions are working fine, sometimes i got an error in Director "User Connection Failure" but this mistake we have often since 2012

-> add. i installed Workspace App 2206 on some MCS VDAS: -> no problems




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I'm not sure if it's the same issue as in my environment. 

In two sites user's are complaining that they suddenly are unable to launch virtual apps published applications from start menu. Workspace App launches and disappears after a few seconds. On the server, the user was working before, the user is still logged in and all processes are running. In Citrix Studio the session is active. Rebooted the computer and tried to reconnect from another computer, both was not working. No error message. Log off the user session from Citrix Studio or Citrix Director is the only way to get these users able to log in again. It seems that only users working seamless are affected. 

OS: W2k16

VDA: 2203

Workspace App: 2107


warning message in event log: Session reliability suspended the connection for user

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