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UUID/uuidgen - Package ID Requirement

Brent Caulder


In the MAM SDK Integration instructions, it discusses using the uuidgen command to create a UUID that will be used as the Package ID for the application. A couple of questions on this


  • If our clients used the MDX Toolkit Wrapper prior, did that system create a Package ID in the same manner for them?  If so, wouldn't this mean that in order for them to re-sign our application using an Enterprise certificate that they would have to go in and manipulate the UUID that we created to match what they previously used?


  • If this is new and did not occur in the wrapper, is there any reason we could not just use a unique name vs a UUID? 




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Hi Brent,

1. Yes MDX Toolkit wrapper internally used this system to create packageID. I hope I understood your concern. Wrapping technique is different than SDK. When the MDX has its own SDK, MDX.framework. When an .ipa (without any Citrix library or code) is "wrapped", the MDX Toolkit generated a new PackageID, every single time that Wrap command or MDXToolkit is run over the .ipa. But in case of an SDK (MDX SDK or MAMSDKs), the SDKPrep command expects a packageID in its arguments. This package ID is relevant for detecting app updates for "Wrapped" apps, but for SDKs apps, SecureHub/MAMSDK/MDXSDK detects an updated app based on app version.

But the main idea of the packageID is to distinguish uniquely an app on app store (public or private). 

Again, maybe I'm diverging from your question, please clarify more about your actual concern. 

2. Yes, for SDKs (MAMSDK or even MDXSDK) you may use a unique name for your packageID instead of UUID. It was mainly for MDX-AppWrapping we had a need for UUID.


I hope this helps.

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