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Citrix App Layering - Version 22.6

Richard Olah1709161669


Am I missing something? I have just upgraded to this version from version 20.3 by following the upgrade path below (6 upgrades)




At the end of every upgrade it asked me to refresh my browser (Using IE11 with Silverlight) and this was fine until the very last upgrade from v21.2 to v22.6 where when I refreshed it I get a "page could not be displayed" error for the ELM URL. Also if I use another browser such as Edge or Chrome it is still asking for me to install Silverlight, I thought that I could just start using other browsers with html5 from this version without having to worry about Silverlight? I am accessing the URL from a Windows 10 VDI and have deleted my internet caches but this hasn't made any difference. 

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Hi Rob


Thanks for the reply, i can successfully upgrade to 21.12 with IE11. Can you confirm I use IE11 to upgrade to 22.06 or do i need to use Chrome or Edge? This is what i am doing and it says that the upgrade is successful but when I refresh the browser I get the page cannot be displayed. If i close the IE11 browser and try and open up the console with Edge or Chrome that doesn't work either


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