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Can I connect native mobile mail app directly to ADC, without XenMobile?

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I have a question, would it be possible to connect native mobile apps (e.g. gmail, outlook for android...) directly to gateway, without XenMobile's involvment?


I was wondering, perhaps, with the help of ADC's VPN feature we could publish an OWA URL, or insure that certain devices or device types, based on policy, to be redirected to OWA through ADC, when trying to connect from mobile's mail app.


What do you think?

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This should work, but your Users have to start the SSLVPN within Citrix SSO App by manual before connecting with gmail, outlook and so on. Because the automatical way to connect by different FQDNs (PerApp MicroVPN) is the architecture which comes from XenMobile / SecureHub.

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