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Hi forums,


Sorry if I mistake on any etiquette I am not really familiar with the place ?


I installed Citrix Workspace App via the parameters: CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent /noreboot /STORE0="Public;https://portal.OURDOMAIN.NET/Citrix/Public;On;"

Installation goes without problems. Until I log in with an account and get this message:



After a lot of puzzling I figured out a reg entry is made: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Receiver\SR\Store\9999999999.

The xml upload is actually a .reg, please rename to review, don't add it however since it will break stuff.

If I removed the '9999999999' entry everything works without the error message perfectly. Which implicates the parameters are correct however something else is going wrong.

Beside is another entry which is the normal store "\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Receiver\SR\Store\475801706"

I cannot find this '9999999999' store entry in our storefront servers. What is the cause and permanent solution?

Writing a powershell script to remove this entry is risky since it could always reoccur when they have to log in again.


Hope to hear from you.


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