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LB servers historical logs


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Hello Carl,


I've checked on LB backend servers, don't find anything related the subjected issue.

Monitors are mixed kind http, ping, tcp. 

Any logs i should enable on NS level or can i get the required info from old logs?




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If you have multiple monitors on a service, the default behavior is any one fails, brings the service down.  


The nslog will have some low level up/down stats for services and other issues like networking on the ADC.  But can be harder to get info from:


cd /var/nslog

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d setime

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d event

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d consmsg

Your basic commands will show you the log file duration (setime aka start/end time), system events, and console messages.

Past logs will be in the zip files. Plus there are debug counters, but you'll need to look around for the counter/debug info.


You will possibly see the low level events related to monitor up/downs or service states or see if there is something happening on the ADC with regards to networking issues at certain times.  If you are experiencing network issues this would be helpful to find when they occur.  If its just the service/monitor failures, this log will tell you when it is occurring...not necessarily why unless other events are occurring at same time.


For web transaction logs from the ADC, you would need to enable and configure NSWL (NetScaler Web Logging).  Which you can find in the "system" section of the admin guide, or I can try to find a reference elsewhere in the forums later.  This won't give you past events, but would give you new events from when logging was enabled. ADC doesn't write this data itself, but can send data to the NSWL component on a separate system which will write web transaction logs to file.




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Info that might help, what protocol is the lb vserver WEB or something exotic and what monitor(s) in use as they might be a problem.

Is it one service failing or the entire lb vserver becoming unavailable (which is all services)

Is your appliance experiencing ha failover events, core dumps, or crashes which is why things are going offline?

And the logs highlighted may help you identify network issues or other things that you didn't know where happening in nslog events and consmsg (console messages which are alerts).

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Sorry for delay in updating this thread.


Thanks Rhonda for the response. I went and checked the console logs and events but as you and Carl said i can only see the monitor went down entries only.


While checking the logs, issue reoccurred (All LB went down ) and also my ssh (putty) session to ADC disconnected while it says network error.


It's probably NW issue, but did not got chance to check further and confirm it.

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