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IP of VDA is changing - Do I need to do anything

Scott Thomas


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What Carl said: no impact expected in terms of internal working as changing ip's is built into the VDA agent-brokering system. 


In terms of access to or from the outside: In addition to the rules to and from DMZ zone (Netscaler gateway, ...) as suggest by Carl also check for any possible firewall rules you may have in place between the VDA servers and the internet/untrust zone as you may have specific limitations in place towards certain websites and other external services that cause certain functionality to stop working for end users when the VDA's ip changes.

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Thanks guys - it sounds easy.   After the IP change, I'll use the TNC command to test connectivity to the VDAs.  Are there any ports in addition to  1494 and 2598 that I need to check (to confirm that the storefront, DDC, and users, should be able to communicate with the VDAs)?   

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