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ADC 13.x act as Gateway for DaaS with IDP Okta - ICA connection log users as "Anonymous"

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Hi Everyone!


I need help please, it is related to DaaS, ADC and Okta.

Setup :

Citrix DaaS 

ADC VPX NS 13.0 86.17.nc 


Okta IDP


I have configured a Citrix Gateway (ADC on-prem) connected to our Citrix DaaS. 

All is working fine except that users are logged as "Anonymous" in ICA log connection when they access their VDI through ADC gateway (on-prem).



I was pretty sure that was because of our IDP Okta, which was not configured on ADC, and ADC was not able to pass SAML to decrypt username. It seems I was wrong...

I've setup Okta as SAML on my Citrix Gateway on-prem using Okta support link below, and I still don't have username in ICA connection Log. 




Anyone has an idea what I'm missing ? 


Thanks for your help ! 




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Hi Thomas,


just for clarification - as you wrote using your OnPrem ADC as IdP with Okta - but Users are also connecting through your OnPrem ADC Gateway (with OnPrem StoreFront or as a Traditional Gateway?), which options you are using on your Cloud Tenant on these two settings:






I'm asking because if you're using the "Traditional Gateway" connectivity Type, the Anonymous ICA Connections are the default, as this works as designed.


Best Regards



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Hi Julian! 


I'm using ADC on prem as Traditional Gateway Service with OKTA connected as SAML 2.0 for Workspace Authentication.



And I've added Okta as SAML Policy on Citrix Gateway/virtual server on ADC on-prem.




Is there a setting that I can change to be able to get username while users are connecting through Traditional Gateway ? 


Thank you for your help Julian ! Really appreciate it ! 


Best regards,

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I think the only way - if it's a must have to use a OnPrem ADC for Traffic (and not the Gateway Service) - is to disable Traditional Gateway (as this is always using Anonymous connections) and use your OnPrem ADC with OnPrem StoreFront, connected with your Cloud Connectors. 

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