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AAA vserver set up for 2FA & SSO to 401 Web Server

Simon Cooper

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I need some guidance please.

Have set up a CS vserver that has AAA vserver  prompting users for LDAP and Radius.

This CS vserver after successful authentication redirects to an LBvserver to back end server.

This back end server then prompts for user credentials and user see's a 401 login page.

This is all working fine.

I have been asked to set up SSO so that the LDAP credentials entered earlier are submitted to this request and the users do not see the 401 request?

really struggling on this so asking for help, please.

Any help is appreciated



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22 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Create a AAA Session Policy that enables Single Sign-on. Bind it to the AAA vServer. 401 should be handled automatically.



Thank you Carl you are a gent .. this has worked out really well.

Appreciate your help


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