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CLI history behavior

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Hello ADC Community.


I have a query regarding the behavior of the CLI history function.


As part of designing a standard for our implementation of ADC instances,I discovered the history function in the CLI. Looking in the official ADC documentation, it seems that the CLI history  -  which is user-specific  -  cannot be cleared. This is fine as long as you are aware of it. So I decided to note this in our installation guide.


However, during testing I discovered that on a ADC VPX instance hosted on  Hyper-V, the CLI history was cleared during reboot. On a VPX instance hosted on SDX the history was conserved during reboot. In both cases same account was used to access the CLI before and after reboot. This has been observed within same version and build ( Both instances was configured identically from my installation guide.


I cannot find any description of clearing the CLI history in the ADC documentation. Citrix support (1st lvl chat support) claims that history conservation is a feature that depends on the platform (MPX, SDX, Hyper-V etc...), but they cannot refer to any documentation for this. But the supporter mentioned that they do not use the history function, so it seems like they actually don't know about this.

Are Citrix support correct, and if so where is it described (if anywhere)? Is there a ADC setting I have missed or what is the explanation?


Thanks in advance.



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