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Reduce Desktop Viewer buttons without Desktop Lock or WEM Transformer

Martijn Verheijen


Dear fellow Citrix Users,


For a customer of ours I created a Custom Window 10 based image that behaves a Thin Client.

With some custom scripting I arranged the handling around choosing the right desktop and logging of the local PC when the session is terminated.

This is working fine for several years now.

Back then I choose this method in favor of "Desktop Lock" because "Desktop Lock" is limited in functionality, mainly in things like letting the user choose the desktop they want to connect to and the fact that it leans on SSO (our "thin clients" are not domain joined).

I now know that in the mean time WEM Transformer is introduced witch would mitigate some but not all of these short comings, and this including the fact that my customer is not using WEM at all at the moment makes that we want to continue to use this custom script approach for now.


Now the thing is that recently I had to enable the "Desktop Viewer" (the black dropdown bar) because of a screen sharing issue from within an optimized Teams that can only be fixed by enabling it.

This is not a bad thing since this Bar can be handy in the future giving the users more control over what devices are mapped to the session.

Now what I found is that the "Desktop Viewer" has a reduced feature set when Desktop Lock or WEM Transformer are active on the endpoint.

In that case only the following buttons are available:






Since going back to the local desktop, making the session windowed, and switching between local and central apps also make no sense in my configuration I would like the "Desktop Viewer" to behave the same way in my scenario.

Does anyone know what file/regkey or other setting the Workspace App uses to decide to go into this mode?

This so I can reproduce it and trick the Desktop Viewer in to thinking that Desktop Lock or WEM Transformer is active.


Thank in advance for thinking with me,



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