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problem with two NetScaler SAML

Or Shellyy

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I have two NetScaler and I need to make SAML.

one of them as SP with AAA for LB and use Authentication Virtual Servers. and one as IDP, and in the "Redirect URL :https://xxx.xx.com/saml/login" with Policy I use "true".
when I make SAML IDP Profile use in the "Assertion Consumer Service Url: https://xxx.xx.com/cgi/samlauth" with policy I use "true" , and I try to bind to policy of the IDP on "Authentication Virtual Server" in the NetScaler with the IDP the binding not working and stay blank.

but when I try to connect to the web I get : "ACS URL in request is invalid. Please contact your administrator" and if I do Refresh i get anther error: "Malformed Assertion sent to Netscaler; Please contact your administrator"  I didn't understand why I get this message.

I try to change policy and noting work. 

I have version : 13.1 24.38.nc

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