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With single Citrix Gateway Virtual Server, need to configure multiple RDP profiles with different authentication policy & pages

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Im not sure if your scheme is correct, it says that only the backend services are difference, while authentication and rdp profile are the same for both environments?

Regarding authentication you probably will need to implement nfactor to get a good result, binding more than one / different RDP profile for the same vServer is not possible as far as I know. 


I haven't checked for a longer time, does Citrix ADC allow more than one VPN vServer behind Content Switch or is it still limited to one? If not this would be your way to go, create two different non-adressable Gateway vServers, do your configuration as needed and let Content Switch decide which one to contact based on hostname

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On 7/21/2022 at 4:46 AM, Rhonda Rowland1709152125 said:

Only one vpn (and one AAA vserver) behind content switching and other web sites.  Content switching doesn't switch between multiple vpn vservers.



Okay, thanks for clarifying. If Citrix could make this work, it would be such a major improvement for so many things regarding Gateway Deployments (and multiple AAA deployments)

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