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Monitoring of Citrix ADC 13500 using Citrix Observability Exporter

Sajid Ansari

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I want to monitor my Citrix ADC 13500 (physical appliance) and gone through the Citrix Observability Exporter documentation https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-observability-exporter/citrix-observability-exporter.pdf

We have a active Kubernetes cluster already where Prometheus and Grafana is also running. I want to some step-by-step guide to understand how can I complete the setup to monitor our ADC using Prometheus and Grafana. i.e. what changes is required in config-map, where would I put endpoint of prometheus and what changes is required o make in NetScaler.

A link to step by step guide for any documentation or video will be helpful for me.

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