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Citrix 2203 Windows 10 Enterprise x64 VDI with Personalization layers and Microsoft 365 keeps prompting for credentials

Ken Z


Hi Everyone


have an issue that I'm not getting very far with...


A Citrix 2203 VDI Desktop farm (Windows 10 21H2 Enterprise x64) deployed using MCS and using personalization layers

Office 365 installed with Shared Activation enabled.

The users domain UPN is <user@domain1.local> but their email is <user2@nhs.net>

as an added complication they have 2FA enabled on their email accounts


When they log onto their local PCs for the first time, they get prompted for their credentials and 2FA. This gets stored in their "Access Work or School" section under their Accounts section in ms-settings:

If they reboot their PC, this information is still stored and so they can log back onto their PC and Office doesn't prompt them for their credentials


Now, on a Windows 10 VDI with UPL, after rebooting a VDI deployed with MCS and using UPL, they get prompted for their credentials after their VDI gets rebooted, even though they're logging back into the same VDI and their UPL has all their stored settings, including their office licensing token.


If they log onto the the GOLD image that doesn't have UPL, then they are NOT prompted for authentication, and their "Access Work or School" still contains their credentials.


So, the question is, why doesn't a non-persistent Windows 10 VDI with User Personalization Layers store the "Access Work or School" email credentials between reboots? it stores the domain credentials between reboots but not the external email credentials.


NOTE both the gold image and VDI Desktops are in the same OU and so have the same GPOs applied.




Ken Z

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