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Adding additional Delivery Controller to an Existing Site where the SQL Server uses a Custom Port

Kevin Ho1709163376


I have a 1912 LTSR CU5 Site


I thought it was easy to do but it's not.  First attempt, I used an account that had Citrix Full Admin and SQL Sysadmin role in Citrix to install Delivery Controller and tried to join an existing site.  That Failed, then generated the script and ran it on the SQL server, seems to have worked.  Then continuing the Join Site option on the new Delivery Controller then failed.

Then I discovered that our SQL server is using a custom SQL port instead of 1433.  


I searched and could not find a solution on how to change the SQL port on the new Delivery Controller so that when it attempts to join the site and update the Datastore on the SQL Server and makes the connection with the custom SQL port.


Any link or info on how to do this?  Have a support tix opened but not confident that Citrix Support will be able to help.

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Maybe this article will help you: 



Make 100% sure that you notice that during NULL step, you should always change the AdminDB connection last.  When putting the new connection string, AdminDB connection string is first.


Take a snapshot, too, so if you make a mistake can get back to a functioning state.

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I appreciate your reply here, what happened during my initial attempt was that it failed.  


The generated join site script did not have the custom port and string so the datastore had created the records for the DDC but did not get a response from the DDC.  It left the Production datastore with errors.


I had to use an Evict script to remove the failed joining DDC.  So this was a dangerous exercise without knowing the custom port.


So I will likely need to create a test site and perform the site joining with a custom script instead of attempting to do this on the first shot.


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