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Workspace Gateway URL error but Store URL works

Lance Selee


Apologies if there is documentation somewhere that I haven’t found that covers this. Are Citrix Gateway URLs supported for Workspace? I have two Gateway URLs that from a browser allow a user to login, download an ica file, and it opens workspace and connects their session. If I try to use this same URL in Workspace directly it says it is unable to add account with the given URL. If I use the Store URL workspace can connect just fine. Let me know what configuration settings I should check and what troubleshooting I should do. Thank you.

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2 hours ago, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



When going to the gateway URL's en signin you have an option to configure the workspace. 

This will download a config file which you can import. 




then go to Account settings, then click "Activate Citrix Workspace App". 




When you open the Workspace app and go to accounts, you can see the store which is added. Hope this helps. 

Thank you for the reply. This points Workspace to use the Store URL. Does that mean that gateway URLs are not supported to point Workspace to a store? Should I configure my group policy to have Workspace use the store URL and not the gateway URL?

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You can use the Gateway URL but it has to be accessible when adding it to the Workspace App. 

So if you are internal I advise you to use the storefront and make sure your beacons within the storefront are configured correctly. 

If you are external you can use the Gateway URL.

You can also use the gateway url internal, but then you have to make sure you can access it properly. 


hope this makes everything clear. 

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