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Bug Report: Citrix Workspace for Mac 2206

Jesse Sanford


Citrix Workspace for Mac 2206 does not correctly send the keyboard commands through to my windows workstation. Keyboard shortcuts involving "Command"+Shift+(any other keyboard combination) no longer work. Downgrading to 2204.1 allows the keyboard commands beginning with "Command"+Shift+ to work again. Other keyboard commands work fine.


The keyboard preferences for the Citrix app are the same between versions:




As are all of my other settings. If I uninstall and reinstall 2206 completely fresh, the same issue occurs (after adding my account information back and reconfiguring keyboard settings)


It seems to me that one or more of my keyboard settings are not being respected or have changed in 2206 vs 2204.1


I am on macOS Monterey 12.4 intel Mac 16 inch 2019

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I have the same issue using 2206. Downgrading to 2204 worked for me. I am using Citrix Workspace on 2015 MacBook Pro running Monterey. I am running Windows 10 Enterprise on my VM in Citrix Workspace.


I used AutoHotKey on Windows and discovered that the Windows VM is receiving the optional Apple character code when using the option key on the Mac host keyboard. So when pressing command+option+p on the mac keyboard, Windows VM receives it as control+alt+π (the symbol for pi). When I downgraded from 2206 to 2204, I correctly see Windows receiving control+alt+p.

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On 8/31/2022 at 4:42 PM, Scott Kesler1709163153 said:

Sadly, the most recent update (2208.1) did not fix it. I am still having the same issue.

I had to downgrade again to 2204.

Issue with International keyboard broken in 2206.1 and still broken in 2208.1 on MacOS 12.5.1 .  Downgrading again to 2204.


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