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1912 CU2 to CU5 upgrade HTML5 workspace can't launch apps or desktops from external netscaler

Sean Ritter

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I have external and internal netscaler pairs both accessing the same storefront servers.  I have attempted to upgrade from CU2 to CU5 multiple times and without fail after the CU5 upgrade on the storefront servers, HTML5 workspace will not launch apps or desktops from the external netscaler, it just sits at connecting... forever, most of the time, about one in 10 tries it will launch the resource.  When launched from the internal netscaler, it works fine.  Workspace is fine either internally or externally.  As soon as uninstall CU5 storefront and reinstall CU2 everything returns to normal.


I'm not seeing anything in the event logs on the storefronts or controllers when this happens. 


I can't seem to find a way to enable html5 logging before an app or desktop is launched to troubleshoot further.


Has anyone seen anything similar and is there a way to enable the logging before launching an app/desktop.



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Can confirm this, there is also a discussion about it on World of EUC Slack (https://worldofeuc.slack.com/archives/CKHRXATV2/p1654065510723599
It's definitely related to ADC Version / Build and StoreFront CU5. Can't reproduce this issue with StoreFront 2203.1 atm. 

I think you have to trace with Wireshark or Fiddler, to check for what's happening during HTML5 connection establishment.




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