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Citrix ADC Packet CPU usage Reached to 100 % and stopped processing the packets

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Hi Team,


we are facing continuous issue as Citrix ADC VPX3000 Packet CPU usage Reached to 100 % and stopped processing the packets. to resolve this issue we used to disable and enable the CS VIP as a workaround. Can any help me to provide the permanent fix.


Citrix TAC suggested to increase the memory and CPU and we increased to 8Core and 32 GB Memory and still the problem is reoccurring.

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Hi Nageswara,


You should increase the vCPU count of the virtual machine. This should automatically increase the number of PPEs. E.g. if you want a 3 PPE VPX, you need a VM with 4vCPU (1 for Mgmt CPU and the remaining 3 will be assigned to PPE). Increasing the corecount on a vCPU does not increase PPE capabilities. Also keep in mind that the hypervisor might report that the CPU is 100% in use, but in reality it isn't. This is expected behaviour, but since you're losing packets I'm guessing that is not the issue.


Are you sure the problem is actually with the PPE? Although you have a big VPX (3000), could it be that this speed is actually reached? This would also cause the NetScaler to start dropping packets. Keep in mind that the bandwidth limitation is cumulative for ingress and egress traffic (e.g. 1.5 Gbps up + 1.5 Gbps down simultaneously will cause you to hit the license limit). You can check this in the newnslog via 'nsconmsg -K newnslog -g nic_err_rl -d current'.




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