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App Layering UEFI Support for Nutanix AHV


Trying to setup App Layering on Nutanix AHV. From what I read offloading compositing is only supported on HyperV, VMware VSphere and Google Cloud). I understand Offload compositing is required for UEFI support. 

Does that mean Nutanix VM with App Layering will not support UEFI BIOS? 



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On 4/4/2023 at 12:08 PM, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

Im not allowed but I can ask the PM

Hi Rob, did you get a chance to check with PM on AHV support for offload compositing ?


Another question:  Thoughts on using App Layering to publish image using directly to hypervisor as connector, for example Nutanix AHV.  Then using that published image to build Dedicated VM Catalogs.  Is this something supported by Citrix?

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21 hours ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

Its in the plan but dont have a date yet.


You absolutely can build an image that you wont use mcs or pvs with.  We offer the ability to prepare it or you can just sysprep it yourself.  Most of our customers build persistent catalogs using MCS but you don't have to.


Thank Rob. 


As for image, the plan is use MCS for persistent. Maybe I'm not wording it correctly.  Let me try again ? 

We have standalone VMs (master) for persistent that is updated each month with OS patches and application updates. Then we update the Persistent MCS catalog to use the update image so when provisioning new VDIs. 


I want to get rid of the persistent masters and leverage app layering for updating the images on persistent catalogs for new VDI provisioning. 


Question: When publishing an Image from App layering using MCS connector. The Published image (VM) deployed to hypervisor. Can that VM image used to create/update catalogs for both Random and Persistent?   





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