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Wrong reencoding of the url specified in a bookmark

Xavier MOREZ

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Hi all,


I have an issue with the reencoding of a bookmark.


The url that I need to reach is like : https://myurl.corp/#/something

I have specified this url in a bookmark and when I click on it, it opens a new tab and tries to reach :

https://myadc.com/https/myurl.corp/&35#;/something and it fails obviously.


When i manually replace &35#; by # in the nav bar, it works.


So, the # is reencoded to &35#;


It does not matter how the bookmark is configured (cvpn, vpn, saas), the behaviour is the same.


I have asked to the admin of the application wether he can remove the # from his url, but not possible in a simple, fast and cheap way.


Does anyone can help me preventing the ADC to reencode this # in my bookmark please ?


Information : the ADC is in version 13.0 build 84.11

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