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VPX 13.0 Gateway - Credentials for LDAP, RADIUS settings are not saving

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A little background: I upgraded our lab VPX to 13.0 (from 12.1) to test the nFactor authentication policies. 


The RADIUS and LDAP server connection credentials don't appear to take. I have entered the service accounts and password, and RADIUS shared secret, and they will work during the reachability tests. However, once I click OK and then come right back into those same settings, the connection tests fail. Of course, I am getting errors when authenticating at the VPN Portal. The message is "The server met an error." I have even created new RADIUS and LDAP server objects and get the same results. 


I also made sure to go back to the main Configuration tab and click save running config. Even tried 'save config' via the CLI.  I have also rebooted the appliance.


I've not been able to find any posts online with an issue similar to this, thus I wanted to ask the experts on this forum!


Does anyone know if this could be a bug with 13.0? Or if not, what are some good troubleshooting steps to track down the issue? 


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Added reboot step
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