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User not able to launch application, citrix page is getting refreshed on clicking any applications

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When user is clicking any application, the whole citrix storefront page is getting refreshed and it is going back to the foder again when we click on any application it is getting launched. But clicking on any application for first time entire page is getting refresh.


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This sounds very similar to an issue I ran into a few weeks back. A user changed their password and then were not able to launch applications, but I can't remember for sure if the page just did a refresh or what exactly, but it seems like that was the symptom. Anyway, the user put a space as the last character of the new password. Changing the password without the space at the end resolved the issue. 

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Hi Poornima,


Are you by any chance sending the StoreFront traffic through a load balancer (can be on the same ADC)? It sounds like maybe you're having some issues with persistency here. This would mean that after logon the user gets sent to e.g. storefront-server1 but when he clicks the resource, the traffic is actually sent to storefront-server2 which of course hasn't 'seen' this session yet and thus is logging on again to that 2nd storefront. Since this is transparant, it might look like a refresh.


You could check this by e.g. disabling all but one storefront server on the load balancer and see if the issue persist.


Hope this helps.




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