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Collect licenses info from Cloud Tenant using API

Graziano Pelagrave


we need to collect licenses informations about ours citrix daas account using API Rest methods. We have created Client API object in every tenant we are testing.
Starting from this guide: https://developer.cloud.com/citrix-cloud/apis-to-manage-citrix-cloud-licensing/docs/getting-started-with-citrix-cloud-licensing-apis
We tried to gather informations about licenses duration and expiration datetime. In the next screenshot I highlighted the json section:
See Attachment_1.jpg
In detail we invoked GET method for: https://api-eu.cloud.com/licensing/license/enterprise/cloud/cvad/ud/current
using parameter below:
see Attachment_2.jpg
For any request that we made, the response is :
see Attachment_3.jpg
We made request for different customerid:
// ** thom browne ** 
("customerid", "kel2y3ovtvsb");
("client_id", "d085fc58-9fa7-4e40-844c-1163dcbd3082");
("client_secret", "Xxxxxxxxxxxx");
// ** previp **
("customerid", "gdyxx11yzub3");
("client_id", "d926e3a7-a5ef-47bf-910c-3fb2f00884e0");
("client_secret", "Xxxxxxxxxxxx");
// ** multitenant **
("customerid", "ul9l0d9kv4yb");
("client_id", "05c5eb10-d4c2-472d-8f62-783625c38c16");
("client_secret", "Xxxxxxxxxxxx");
Can you help us ? Is there a complete documentation about DaaS Api methods?
Many thanks in advance and have a nice day






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