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Virtual Apps and Desktop - VDA 2206 Cisco Webex Virtual Channel doesn't connect

Pascal Masula


Hey guys,

we actually upgraded our environment to CVAD 2206. We're using Cisco Webex at VDI (softphone), which comes with a own virtual channel. (Cisco Webex VDI Plugin) We observed, that the virtual channel isn't connecting, since we upgraded the VDA to 2206. Does anyone noticed problems on other virtual channels as well? 


It occures between all possible clients.

- Linux TC (IGEL), with enabled Webex feature

- Windows OS with installed vdi plugin 

- linux OS with installed vdi plugin.


Virtual Channel Security is disabled on our environment.


If we're downgrading our VDA to 2112 the  webex virtual channel is able to establish a connection betweend vdi plugin and hvd.

Didn't test 2203 for now, but I will do and post the results.


HVDAgentLog (Cisco) just shows:

2022-07-01 09:20:45,906 WARN  [0x000000000000382c] [c\hvd\CitrixServer\CitrixServer.cpp(154)] [CitrixVirtualChannel] [OpenChannelHnd] - Query channel failed: 1008
2022-07-01 09:20:45,906 ERROR [0x000000000000382c] [c\hvd\CitrixServer\CitrixServer.cpp(173)] [CitrixVirtualChannel] [OpenChannelHnd] - There was an error: 1008
2022-07-01 09:20:45,907 ERROR [0x000000000000382c] [c\hvd\CitrixServer\CitrixServer.cpp(178)] [CitrixVirtualChannel] [OpenChannelHnd] - Closing the Channel Handle.
2022-07-01 09:20:46,908 WARN  [0x000000000000382c] [c\hvd\CitrixServer\CitrixServer.cpp(154)] [CitrixVirtualChannel] [OpenChannelHnd] - Query channel failed: 1008


Did I miss anything changed on VDA 2206?



SF 2206 (Server 2019)

XDC 2206 (Server 2019) 

Image (Server2019)

using Citrix Provisioning Services 2206


kind regards,


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Same problem here with VDA 2206 ---->  Cisco Webex Teams virtual Channel not connected


We tried

.... with allow list:

CISCO,C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Vxc\hvdagent.exe
CSCOMT,C:\Program Files (x86)\Webex\Webex\Meetings\meetingshvdagent.exe
CSCOTM,C:\Program Files\Cisco Spark\dependencies\teamshvdagent.exe
and with Virtual Channel Allow List set to disabled.


Any ideas?

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Hi Thorsten,

sorry for the delay. (vacations ?

The HVDAgentLog is located at: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\CiscoSpark\HVDAgentLog\VirtualChannel.log 


The issue occures with all Cisco Webex VDI Plugin versions. We tested 42.2 42.4 42.6. on Windows. IGEL is stuck at 42.4 atm.


"under releases it looks like with version 42.6 and 42.4 only CVAD 2203 is supported?" - That could be the reason. I'll hope that will be fixed in the upcoming releases on Webex (should be August)




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Hello Guys, 


we have a similar problem with the Webex Meetings VDI optimization. Since we updatet our enviroment to CVAD 2206 the VDI optimization no longer works. 


This problem ocurs beetween:


- Windows OS with the latest Webex VDI Bundel

- IGEL OS 11.7 with the Webex Meetings Plugin 


The Citrix Policy Setting "Virtual Chanel" is disabled. 


The only way that the opimization works again was to downgrade the Virtual Delivery Agent from Version 2206 back to Version 2203. 


Does anyone have an idea how we can get the optimization works again under 2206?




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