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Citrix ADC SDX - Administration

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We use LDAP Users to login to the SDX Management Web Gui, but the admins do not see every Menuoptions as in comparison to the ADC local user (nsroot,...).

Also authentication on Nitro is not possible with those ldap users. Both the local ADC User Account as the AD Group that is

allowed access via LDAP are "Owner".

Is there another way to grant LDAP Users Full access?


Thank you and best regards

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When you assigned the permissions in SDX, did you also assign "system access" in additional to the permissions:


System Access: Select this box to give access to the entire SDX appliance and the instances running on it. Alternatively, for instance-level access, specify the instances under Instances.


I don't have an SDX to work hands on with; but this should be for accounts who are full SDX appliance admins and not just the VPX instance owners. If not, see if someone else can confirm the SDX rights.

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