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Citrix 1912 MCS server 2019 GPOs not applying when rebooted from studio

Jesse Mortimore


I have a server 2019 MCS machine catalog that when rebooting the machine from studio the group policies never apply but if I reboot by clicking on the start menu and reboot option it applies with no issues. 


I have been looking through the event viewer and it appears that the time jumps by an hour. I believe that this is causing the issues as it is reverting back to the base image and the time is incorrect. 

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I believe long go I experienced this once with a PVS image build. The solution was to simply make a copy of the build in editable mode and then perform a one-time manual time sync so the correct time was saved inside the build (use the command that syncs time with the domain controller) then seal the new build again in read-only mode

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