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Default Printer Mapping Failed

Mark Wardle


Hi all, 


We have some users who are having issues with default printers not being set through WEM correctly. All printer gpo's are disabled and the only thing that is set through Citrix policy is to auto-create the Citrix PDF printer. When the mapping failed the users appear to get Microsoft PDF Printer as their default, not sure if that's part of the problem or simply due to the fact WEM couldn't set it to the default in the policy. This happens on logon and on agent refreshes. Not sure how widespread the issue is, some users on same vda's get it fine so it's not one specific vda having issues.


We have tried:

"Enable the policy: Wait for printers to be created" 

and also increase Agent launch delay from 10000ms to 20000ms


Has anyone seen this before? 


Log entry:

11:52:26 Event -> PrintersSelfServiceController.GetUserSelectedDefaultPrinter() : Retrieved UserSelectedDefaultPrinter Value -> \\xxx\SHARP FollowMe
11:52:26 Event -> VuemFilesystemOperationController.SortActionsListWithAdvancedExecOrder() : Sorting Filesystem Operations List for xxx\CTX-WEM-xxx-xxx...
11:52:26 Event -> PrintersSelfServiceController.SetUserDefaultPrinter() : Setting Printer as Default -> \\xxx\SHARP FollowMe
11:52:26 Exception -> PrintersSelfServiceController.SetUserDefaultPrinter() : Printer -> \\xxx\SHARP FollowMe -> Default Printer Mapping Failed
11:52:26 Warning -> PrintersSelfServiceController.SetUserManagedDefaultPrinter() : Error While Adjusting User Default Printer





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I am also having this issue and unable to fix.  
Log entry:

8:05:30 AM Exception -> VuemPrinterController.ProcessSingleEntityTask() : Error while processing Printer: SomePrinter for Item: Everyone (S-1-1-0)
8:05:30 AM Event -> PrintersSelfServiceController.SetUserManagedDefaultPrinter() : Starting User Managed Default Printer Processing...
8:05:30 AM Exception -> PrintersSelfServiceController.SetUserDefaultPrinter() : Printer -> \\printserver\SomePrinter -> Default Printer Mapping Failed
8:05:30 AM Warning -> PrintersSelfServiceController.SetUserManagedDefaultPrinter() : Error While Adjusting User Default Printer


That same printer I believe it not be installed per this log above this 

Log entry:

8:05:30 AM Event -> VuemPrinterExecutor.ProcessAssociatedTaskMethod() : Processing Printer -> SomePrinter (Id:63)
8:05:30 AM Warning -> VuemFilterController.() : Filter Rule -> SomeLocation Subnet Rule (Id:10) condition tree is empty
8:05:30 AM Warning -> VuemPrinterController.ProcessSingleEntityTask() : Filter mismatch while processing Printer: SomePrinter -> Filter Rule SomeLocation Subnet Rule (Id:10) Returned False [Assigned to Item: Everyone (S-1-1-0)]

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