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Allowing and Blocking IP address on Citrix ADC 8905

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Is this for load balancing or the Gateway/vpn vserver functionality:


For load balancing, 

A responder policy is the easiest way to do this. For a fixed list of allowed IPs, you should probably use a dataset.  You can set it where any IP not on the allowed list is blocked. Just decide if there is anything that happens for IPs not in either list: if anything not on the allowed list is blocked, you may not need to worry about a second explicit blacklist.


The third or fourth post in thread has whitelist/blacklist dataset example:  https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/409145-netscaler-policy-assistance/

The original scenario was more complicated, but there should be a responder policy example and several sample expressions to help you out.  Otherwise, someone can get you a complete example before I can.


For gateway, responder policy are likely still better, but there may be some other considerations.

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