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Citrix policies export/import between different sites


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Add-PSSnapin Citrix*

Export-BrokerDesktopPolicy | Out-File -Filepath C:\Adminsoft\CitrixPolicies.txt



Add-PSSnapin Citrix*

Import-BrokerDesktopPolicy (Get-Content C:\Adminsoft\CitrixPolicies.txt)


Important note: When using this mechanism in order to migrate to another Citrix Farm the target objects (“Assigned to…”) in the restored policies will most likely differ or simply not exist in your new environment when migrating so those you have to doublecheck and correct manually after importing. Compare and correct as needed.



I copied pasted this from my personal documentation. Successfully used it to migrate from 1912 LTSR to a complete different and new QA environment running 2112 and then again later from 2112 to 2203, each with their own separate databases.

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30 minutes ago, Thamarai Kannan1709157603 said:

Hi Andy, 


I saw your note and facing the same problem as DG information gets duplicated after performing import/export options. Can you please let me know how do correct them manually? I have posted my question here. 




Hi Thamarai,


I saw your screenshot but I do not remember getting these duplicates. I believe I named my new delivery group something slightly else in the target environment so this problem didn't happen for me.

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