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I have to implement a nFactor authentication on a Citrix UG and I am sutck on the last step.


The nFactor authentication process is as follows:

   - First factor:

         > LDAP authentication (UserID + Password).

         > DropDown Menu: The user will select in which environment he/she wants to login (3 options: Production, Integration and Development)

   - Second factor: Attribute check. Some user's AD attributes are checked and if they match the requirements, the user will be redirected to StoreFront (based on the DropDown Selection). In the event that none of the user's AD attributes meet the requirements, the user must authenticate with Azure.


The authentication processes, both LDAP and SAML, are working fine.


I have created 3 Session policies that, depending on the user's selection in the DropDown menu, will redirect the user to the desired StoreFront.


("sf" is a custom credential ID defined on the .xml LoginSchema used).


If the user's attributes meet the requirements the user can login without problems and is redirected to the desired StoreFront but if the user has to login via Azure the sf credential is lost and here is where the problem appear.

Is there a way to save the sf value (given on the DropDown menu) even after going through Azure?


Thanks in advance!





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Hi German,


I think the only way to keep this info is to (temporarily) store it, e.g. in a cookie. You can use cookies in nFactor, so that's probably something you could look into. More details about cookies with nFactor can be found at https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/aaa-tm/authentication-methods/multi-factor-nfactor-authentication/set-a-cookie-using-nfactor.html.


Of course you'll have to adapt this to your use case which leads me to the comment that 'your milage may vary'. Good luck though!




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