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Policy that targets Citrix Gateway Service

Blake Hill

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Hi ,


I have a question which I think I know the answer but I figured its best to ask.


Is it possible to use Citrix policies to target users who are accessing resources through the Citrix Gateway Service? If not is there a timeline when this feature will be available?


Currently we use two Citrix Gateways(ADC) on Prem for external access. Any connections that come through these are locked down super tight. The only thing preventing me from switching from Citrix Gateway to Citrix Gateway Service are these lockdown policies. Preferably I would like to use the current live policies as it would prevent me from needing to re-engineer the process and get the new policies signed off by my security team. 


Right now I see my only option would be to use the current policies and have them target delivery groups. This is not ideal as I have many users that access VDI's while on prem and then go home and access them off network. From far as I can tell there is no way for the Policy to distinguish that the connection is coming from the Citrix Gateway Service instead of on prem. 

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