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Errormessage Hypervisor8: I can't recognise my new storage

Martijn van Leeuwen


I have 3 disks in RAID1 in my server. These drives are now all 1.9TB. Yesterday I replaced the second set of drives (was 480 gb) for 1.9 tb set. The problem is that I can't recognize even if I fdisk -l, not which disk is new now. There is also no disk that says the partition is invalid? I've attached a picture of the list I'm getting. How can I see which drive it is so I can add it as SR?



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I have found the ID which it should be (SDB) and SCSIID: 36003005711ce49802a4f610516333775


But when I try to attach it I get:


 xe sr-create content-type=user device-config:device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-36003005711ce49802a4f610516333775 host-uuid=b44f0b37-7074-4210-9ba4-670a628cf4b3 name-label="NewStorage2" shared=false type=ext
The SR operation cannot be performed because a device underlying the SR is in use by the host.


Any Idea?

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If i see list_domains i get

id |                                 uuid |  state
 0 | 4af828a2-b5ca-458d-9912-df300941ac48 |     R 
 1 | 73b3d0d0-7da4-1a72-1235-a320dc0f5cd0 |     R 
 3 | 2174a87f-6a61-cb19-ab26-32cb6fe0da15 |    B H
 4 | 3fd0a543-ea06-eef8-98c6-dba5ac6df4a5 |    B H
 6 | 72c96703-0b5a-53ce-407b-b02f3723e20f |     RH
 7 | cd9b8503-6c0e-5fa9-0397-e6905bf494d3 |    B H


I have 5 VM's running, and ID 0 has an UUID which I can't find If i check the VM'S?


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